How to Choose the Perfect African Print Fabric for Every Room

 How to Choose the Perfect African Print Fabric for Every Room

Choosing African Print Fabric

Kente Cloth

Kente prints are probably what most people picture when they think of African print fabrics. Kente prints are typically red, orange, black, and green. However, they come in all sorts of colors as well.

Although they are usually geometric, you can find Kente prints in many different shapes, colors, and sizes! This type of fabric makes a bold statement.

If you’re looking to have a statement piece (such as curtains or pillows) in your room, Kente prints are a great choice to give it that pop you’re looking for!

Wax Prints

Another unusual style of African print fabric are wax print textiles. These are unlike any other type of African print. Their patterns vary from geometric, floral, animal print, or any combination thereof.

Since African wax print fabric tends to be brightly colored and visually stunning, you can add it to any neutral style room. One African print fabric item with a wax print design can dress up an otherwise reserved room.

The Best Design Advice for African Print Fabric

African print fabric is the new trend; you may see lots of blog posts and articles that dictate how to use it.

However, we believe that the best design advice for using these fabrics is to follow your own heart. If you love it and think it will look good, others will too — so have fun!

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